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We provide up front pricing which means you will know and agree to our fee prior to us beginning any work or you making any commitment. We price our fees by forms and complexity.  Once we have all or at least all material information required to prepare the return or project you will be provided with a quote. 


Pricing is subject to change. Fees comes down to the time it will take us to prepare, review and finalize the return or project based on the complexity of the services needed. Disorganized documentation or additional work outside the original scope of the work would also increase the time we spend on the project. 


If your price does happen to go up and you decide to not move forward with our services, you will be billed for 50% of the work completed.


A Final copy of your tax return and e-filing will be provided once your balance is paid in full.


Our tax preparation fees do not include representation or audit support. Please see below for our sample pricing policies.

Individual Tax Preparation

Business Tax Preparation

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Curious about our pricing?

Our base price is $225 to prepare an individual tax return.

Here are some reasons why your tax preparation cost may increase:


  • Filing with a Spouse ($75)

  • Head of Household ($150)

  • Itemized Deductions (85)

  • State Tax Return ($75)

  • Business or 1099 ($250)

  • Real Estate Investor ($150)

  • Sold Stock/Cryptocurrency ($75) 

  • Other minor forms (Interest, Dividends, K1s etc.) ($25)

  • Partnerships ($650)

  • S-Corporations ($800)

    • S Corp Election, Timely Election (within 75 days) ($250)

    • Late S Corp Election (Retroactive up to 3 years) ($450)

  • C-Corporations ($950)


Tax Resolution Services

  • Consultation and Transcript Analysis: $550

  • Streamlined Installment Agreement: $1,000

  • Regular Installment Agreement/PPIA: $3,000 Retainer

  • Offer-in-Compromise: $4,500 flat

  • Offer appeal: $2,000 retainer

  • Innocent Spouse: $4,500 retainer

  • Innocent Spouse appeal: $2,000

  • DATL/Audit Reconsideration: $2,000 (plus all exam work)

  • IRS Exam: $4,500 retainer

  • First Time Penalty Abatement: $450

  • Penalty Abatement:  $3,000 retainer

  • Basic bookkeeping (data entry) $60/hr 

  • Accounting Services (Bookkeeping review / troubleshooting) $90/hr 

  • Business Advisory / Consulting( $150 / hr)

  • Tax Planning ($200/ hr) 

  • Business Plan ($695)

  • Articles of Organization or Incorporation, Domestic Owners* ($425 + state filing fees)

  • Initial Report (if required) ($125 + state filing fee)

          *Included in formation price

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)

  • Single Member Operating Agreement (SMLLC)

  • MS Word Templated Bylaws Agreement (Corporations)

  • S Corp Election Timely Election (made with formation)

  • Accountable Plan Template

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