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Business Advisory

You might find yourself having a question or needing help that goes outside the simple filing of a tax return or the completion of a bank reconciliation. Beyond the compliance work of bookkeeping, tax filings, and audits, accounting professionals can help businesses improve their profitability, pay fewer taxes, increase their cash flow, and become more efficient with technology. This work, which we call advisory work, is where you can get a real return on investment in your services with us.

Advisory services are designed to help you reach your business’s financial goals faster. Here are some of the ways we can help you.

  • Personnel and Operating Issues

  • Evaluating the Financial Feasibility of a Business Idea

  • Tax Consequences of the Business

  • Proper Entity Formation

  • Professional Standards

  • Financing Options for the Business

  • Risk Management and Insurance

  • Practice Management and Client Development

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