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About Us

We Eat, Breathe, and Live In Tax— 365 Days a Year


Credence Tax Services is a Tax Advisory and Tax Resolution firm with the ability to serve clients nationwide. We are run by experienced professionals who care about you. We provide peace of mind by staying up to date on tax laws and technology so that you can rest assured that your finances are covered.  We focus not only on Tax Planning Strategies for optimum refunds at tax time, but on safeguarding your money for the generations to come. At Credence Tax Services we offer tax preparation with the personalization that software packages can’t.

We also represent clients before the IRS in matters including back taxes, tax debt, offers in compromise, levies, liens, wage garnishments, seizures of property, audits, audit reconsiderations, tax-related identity theft, bank account levies, appeals, installment agreements, penalty abatements, etc.

We Provide Virtual Services for Your Convenience

We rely heavily on cloud technology, which maximizes efficiency.  Although we are located in Georgia, we provide services to clients nationwide using the most innovative and effective technological solutions such as:

  • Online Appointment Booking

  • Online Video Meetings

  • Electronic Signatures 

  • Secure Cloud Document Storage

  • Cloud based Accounting Software 

More importantly, all of our online tools can be used directly through your mobile device! So you don’t need a computer.

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About the Founder –

Veronica has 9 years of experience in the Tax and Accounting industry and 6 years in the Real Estate industry. She is also an Enrolled Agent which is the highest credential awarded by the IRS.  Each year she accumulates over 50 hours of training and IRS Approved Continuing Education Courses in tax law and tax preparation. Whether you are an individual that needs help with your income tax preparation, an entrepreneur who needs help with starting and operating a business, or someone who needs help with the IRS, she is here to help.

Veronica is registered with the IRS to be able to electronically file tax returns and can assist with tax preparation in all states.  As an IRS enrolled agent, she can represent clients before IRS revenue agents, IRS customer service representatives, and other similar IRS employees.


As a licensed real estate agent herself, Veronica understands the tax complexities involved within the real estate industry. Being an entrepreneur is hard enough, let’s not add on to the burden by overpaying the government when that money should go where it belongs.. with you. Veronica’s primary goal is to educate taxpayers on the various ways they can keep their hard earn money. 


Unlike major firms, Veronica will be your main point of contact. She will take care of every client herself from the beginning of the process until the end with the help of her team. You will never have to wonder who is helping you or how many people have glanced at your important documents. 

On Veronicas off days, she enjoys networking,  attending art shows and vibing to poetry slams around Metro Atlanta. 

With clients in over 20  different states we have the proven ability to work 100% virtual for your convenience. We are well known for our virtual tax preparation services which we offer to all of our clients as an option.

You can choose to come into our office for an in-person appointment or to have your taxes done 100% remotely from the comfort of your home.


Why Credence?

Credence means “belief in or acceptance of something as true.” When you give Credence to something, you are validating its truthfulness or believability. We want our clients to believe in our work and accept that we will provide them with the best results.

A  professional black woman standing and smiling. She is wearing business attire, and the background features a white background. This image represents our dedicated expert working collaboratively to serve our clients.

Veronica L. Younger, E.A.

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